Cossacks 3 Cheats

Cossacks 3 Cheats


How to Activate a Cheat in Cossacks 3

Bring up the game console by pressing Enter during the game-play or Ctrl + Enter if you are in the main menu. Then, simply type the cheat code you want to use and press Enter again to activate it.

Cossacks 3 Cheat Codes

1) Reveal Map

Enables you to look at any point on the map, even if you don't have any units there.

Code: www

Cossacks 3 Reveal Map Cheat

2) Unlock All Missions

Unlocks all missions in the campaign mode.

Code: showallmissions

Cossacks 3 Unlock All Missions Cheat

3) Get Free Resources

Code: res [resource name] [amount]

  • Accepted resource names: wood, food, gold, iron, coal, stone, all
  • Example: res all 10,000,000
Cossacks 3 Get Unlimited Resources Cheat
Cossacks 3 Get Free Unlimited Resources Cheat

4) Remove Camera Limits

Enables you to look at the world from any angle or height.​

Code: freecamera

  • ​Use the mouse scroll wheel to change the camera height;
  • Press Ctrl + Page Up or Page Down to change camera angle;
  • Press Home to reset the camera view to default​.
Cossacks 3 Remove Camera Limits Cheat

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