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How to Boost Your CS:GO Rank with Cheats


Are you currently stuck at gold nova or even silver ranks and frustrated that you can't rank up?

Don't be upset! Even experienced players have difficulties getting out of those low skill zone simply because of how many trolls and smurfs there are at these levels.

One match you get in a team with decent players and the next one you get 2 AFKs, 1 griefer and the rest abandon... How on earth are you meant to rank up in these conditions?


Trust me... I know the pain... Playing MM below Distinguished Master Guardian is just waste of time and not fun at all. 

If you want to have fun you need to get to the top ranks and luckily for you, there is a dirty solution to get there and play some truly balanced and fun CS:GO like in the image below.

Cheating in CSGO MM on Global Elite

I mean just look at this screenshot. I didn't need to make 50 kills to win the game, like you need at nova rank. It was round 20 and most players had below 15 kills. This I call a really balanced and fun match. 

Even though I boosted myself to Global using cheats, I didn't want to cheat in this match. No griefers, no smurfs, no abandons, no trolls. Just a really gun game. We ended up making draw (15:15) and I really wanted overtime... Pity this wasn't Faceit... 😀

CSGO MM on Global Elite

Most important features in a legit CS:GO Cheat

  1. Wall Hack - Allows you to see teammates and enemies through the walls. Some can also highlight dropped weapons or vulnerable enemies.
  2. ESP - Gives you different information like how much health a player has, what weapon he uses, time until the bomb explodes, etc.
  3. Radar Hack - Shows you where your opponents are on the radar.
  4. Flash Hack - Removes the effect of flashes so you don't get blind by them.
  5. Aim Bot - Automatically moves the crosshair onto an opponent's head or body when you shooting or when you press a key.

There are also other features like spinbot, rage mode, b-hop, anti aim, automatic name changer, spam bot, third-person, fake lag, but these are not legit at all and will only get you banned very fast. I wouldn't recommend you use these on MMs.

My #1 Recommendation for a Legit CS:GO Cheat

Ninja Hackz Logo

Review of: Ninja Hackz

Type: Multihack


Includes almost all legit features. No spin-bot or rage settings.

Ease of Use

Control panel & keyboard binds to toggle features & change settings. 


Not the cheapens price on the market, but definitely worth it.


Unlimited free updates &

live Facebook support chat.

We Like

  • Very legit looking aim assist which can be customised depending on weapon type;
  • User can set different opacity for flashes;
  • Updates in less than 24 hours for any csgo offset update or other changes.

We Don't Like

  • No skin changer;
  • Health ESP works only if the wallhack is enabled.

Summary: From all the legit cheat that we tested, Ninja Hackz proved to be the most effective one. You can literally get from Silver 3 to LEM in just a few weeks. And with their monthly subcription, you don't have to spend more than £10 for this. Also, it goes without saying that the cheat is 100% VAC-undetectable. The only way you can get banned is if you get reported too many times and than convicted by overwatch. However, if you use their recommended settings you shouldn't get reported at all.

Top 5 Features in NinjaHackz:

  • Aim Assist
  • Radar Hack
  • Wall Hack
  • Health ESP
  • Flash Disabled

From £9.99/month 

What Do You Think?

Are you also stuck at silver or gold ranks? Do you like my strategy for cheating just to rank up and than playing legit? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Sven38 says:

    Hi, the thing is as i read here ( that ezfrags is external, and so it is slower than internals.

    • CheatExplorer says:

      Hi Sven,

      There is no real evidence proving that internals are faster than externals, but even if in theory that should be true, I seriously doubt a human can even notice this difference. I mean just look at any recording of an external CS:GO hack on YouTube… Do you see any delay there? I doubt.

      A more important question is whether one is safer than the other. And the answer is no.. They are both equally easy to detect by VAC.

      So, this is really a developer’s choice. There is no much difference for users.

  • Chev says:

    Is this hack undetected on Faceit and esea ?

    • CheatExplorer says:

      Hi Chev!

      Unfortunately, we din’t test NinjaHackz on Faceit or ESEA, so I cannot tell you this… But you can contact them and ask.

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