GTA 4 Cheats

GTA 4 Cheats


Grand Theft Auto IV features 17 cheats for all 3 platforms on which it was released back in 2008 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows).

How activate a cheat in GTA IV?

  1. ​Choose a cheat from the list below;
  2. ​Bring up Niko's cellphone by double-pressing the "UP" button;
  3. Dial the cheat number using your keyboard (Windows) or D-Pad (PS3 & Xbox 360).

Once you activate a cheat, it will automatically save itself in your cellphone under a new menu called "Cheats". When you want to reactivate a cheat you used in the past, you can easily do that from that menu without even needing to remember the number. What can be better than this? 🙂


GTA 4 Main Cheats

1) Health & Armor

This cheat gives you 100% health & armor. Also, if you enter the code while in a vehicle, it will repair it.


Blocks achievements: "Cleaned the Mean Streets" , "Finish Him", "One Man Army" & "Walk Free".

GTA 4 Health and Armor Cheat

2) Health, Armor & Weapons

Full health, full armor, car repair, first set of weapons and ammo.


Blocks achievement: "Cleaned the Mean Streets".

GTA 4 Health and Weapons Cheat

3) Weapons Set #1 (Poor)

Knife, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG & Molotov Cocktails.


Blocks achievement: "Cleaned the Mean Streets".

GTA 4 Weapons Set 1 Cheat

4) Weapons Set #2 (Advanced)

Bat, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG & Grenades.


Blocks achievement: "Cleaned the Mean Streets".

GTA 4 Weapons Set 2 Cheat

5) Remove Wanted Level

This cheat doesn't work during some specific missions where wanted level is forced.


Blocks achievements: "One Man Army" & "Walked Free".

GTA 4 Remove Wanted Level Cheat

6) Increase Wanted Level by 1 Star

This cheat can be entered up to 6 times to get the highest wanted level.


GTA 4 Increase Wanted Level Cheat

7) Change Weather

Enter this cheat multiple times to cycle through 8 different weather types.


GTA 4 Change Weather Cheat

GTA 4 Vehicle Cheats

Please note that in GTA 4 you can only spawn one vehicle at a time. Any vehicle that has previously appeared thanks to a cheat will disappear when you activate a new vehicle cheat.

8) Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike


GTA 4 Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike Cheat

9) Spawn NRG-900 Sports Motorbike


GTA 4 Spawn NRG-900 Motorbike Cheat

10) Spawn FIB Buffalo Car

Activate the siren by pressing the horn button ("G" on PC or "Left Stick" on Xbox 360 and PS3).


GTA 4 Spawn FIB Buffalo Car Cheat

11) Spawn Cognoscenti Car


GTA 4 Spawn Cognoscenti Car Cheat

12) Spawn Turismo Sports Car


GTA 4 Spawn Turismo Car Cheat

13) Spawn Super GT Sports Car


GTA 4 Spawn Super GT Car Cheat

14) Spawn Comet Car


GTA 4 Spawn Comet Car Cheat

15) Spawn Annihilator Helicopter


Blocks achievements: "One Man Army" & "Walk Free".

GTA 4 Spawn Annihilator Helicopter Cheat

16) Spawn Jetmax Boat


Blocks achievement: "Walk Free".

GTA 4 Spawn Jetmax Boat Cheat

Other Tricks

17) Song Info

Call this number anytime music is playing to receive the name of the song and it's artist.


GTA 4 Song Info

Cheats & Achievements

Even though using cheats in GTA 4 doesn't affect the game story and definitely won't  prevent you from completing any mission, some of them will actually block a few achievements/ trophies. Here is the full list of the achievements that can be affected by cheats: 

  • ​Finish Him - Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes
  • Walk Free - Lose a 4-star wanted rating by outrunning the cops
  • One Man Army - Survive 5 minutes on 6-star wanted level
  • Cleaned The Mean Streets - Capture 20 criminals through the police computer

Now, these achievements aren't actually very important. Most people don't even know they exist. However, if you are one of those people who want's to have everything perfect, than what I would recommend you to do is to try and complete those 4 achievements first and then you will be free to use any cheats without worrying about this. 


Here are answers to some frequent asked questions about GTA IV cheats:

Is it safe to save the game after using a cheat?

How can I deactivate a cheat?

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