Silent CS:GO Cheat for Competitive Matches

Our biggest project to date, the Ninja Hackz brand is a premium CS:GO Cheat focused on helping you rank up in competitive MM without anyone suspecting that you are hacking. All the features that have been added are fully optimised in such a way so you can kill your enemies and win any match without making it obvious that you are cheating. No rage mode, no bhop, no spin bots or any other junk that will get you Overwatch ban in record time. Nonetheless, we push regular updates and improvements which make is extremely hard for VAC System to identify and label the program as a cheat because every new update changes the signature of the program. The only way you can get banned with our cheat is if you intentionally start giving too many head-shots through smoke or do some other stuff that will get your reported by other players and than convicted by Overwatch Community.

Note: You probably noticed I haven't been posting much on Cheat Explorer lately. The reason is that right now, the focus is 100% on Ninja Hackz and expanding the brand into other games. I'll have more news in the near future.